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[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
[2]Mini Toons aquamarine laces for wish no. [1]FULFILLED! ;D
[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
and that's the end of my selfish wishlist

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Sunday, January 06, 2008 - :

ok I realize I flamed pretty bad on my previous posts. sorry Fiona if any offence was taken, but I was pretty irritated then. I have to try to control moi temper! :X

Bought my aquamarine laces from Mini Toons yesterday. My sneakers look so much more colourful with them! <3 I was surprised they (the laces) cost only $.150; somehow my memory told me they cost $4.90. So in total my sneakers + laces cost $18.40 and I wanted to pay my mum but she told me only need to pay her $10! thanks Mum! <3

on friday we had loads of fun. telematch is <3! yay 1-12 got FIRST! yayyayyay! lol we got two packets of sweets as a prize and even though we distributed 3 sweets to EACH PERSON (btw there's 22 ppl in our class) we still had some leftover: just enough to do a little minisweetheart on the teacher's desk for mrs. wong, who's our form teacher. I hope she saw them. I don't want the sweets to rot over the weekend!!! X_X

amazing race was so tiring. we didn't get our recess. so during lunch I wolfed down the fishball noodles. which was super hot. (NO PUN INTENDED, CHINGYING... NO PUN INTENDED...)

today had to take 45-min car journey to church of the holy cross, where my cousin natalie got baptised today. natalie IS SO CUTE!!!!! REALLY!!!! super huggable. and she didn't cry much today. really cute and good baby. :D

then we went to eat at a riding club or something. the scenery there is super amazing and there's a golf course too. the food was OK. mango pudding is LOVELY!

going back to school tmr. it's OK. but very tiring! even though we start at 8.20 tmr, bus driver says have to pick up at 5.50 as usual cos he has other ppl to pick up frm kindergartens, workers, etc. very sad! so my mum said tell bus driver not taking school bus tmr. I sleep in about one more hour (YAY MUM I LOVE YOU LOTS) and she'll take me to schl via public transport. :DD

on friday there were two weird guys who sat behind us. my mum and I suspected they would follow us off. even if I threw one girl onto the mat during judo, and my mum had a giordano (?) bright orange poky umbrella, I don't think we could've thrown them off. but they didn't follow us. heng ah. they looked pretty thuggish and kept kicking our seats from behind, damnit.


if this happens when I take school bus, I HAD BETTER TAKE JUDO. but you can't wrestle on a bus. even though it might not be crowded. hmph.

whatever. BRIGHTER THINGS! create more blogskins later if I feel up to it (currently, not really). going to grandmother's house later. :DD and junhui, YOU'RE WELCOME. YEP, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA ROCKS LOADS. ;DD

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