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Yes, I created this blogskin by myself.
few women admit their age. few men act theirs.



[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
[2]Mini Toons aquamarine laces for wish no. [1]FULFILLED! ;D
[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
and that's the end of my selfish wishlist

Grace, blogskinner ;D
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Saturday, March 31, 2007 - :

Yay I changed my blogskin today :)
It rocks! But the original posts' text colour clashes so horribly, yet I am too lazy to change it, so take it that you either develop severe eye problems for trying to decipher them or you just don't bother reading it. I would suggest doing the latter if I were you.
(Luckily, I'm not, so who cares..)
Anyway much thanks to and myself for finding this. :)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - :

math 2 w/s on circles.... done!
english finish up filing and content pages... done too!
science corrections and w/s.... done!
chinese corrections.... done too!
dinner... haven't done yet lehs need to go soon, after i finish playing my scrabble game on ISC

sings random song


  1. thank you, mrs. lowe, for awarding me the Best Actress award for playing the role of Lady Macbeth in the award-winning play Lady Macbeth's Sleepwalking.... and for spicing up our holiday with 'poms' (aka poems) by people such as James something, and giving the guys in my group opportunities to create sick (read: SEVERELY DISGUSTING) alliterations that start with S.
  2. thank you, kibs, for blahblahblah =s
  3. thank you teachers for giving us a LOT of homework (actually it was not alot if you only look at the list but once you get into it you can't get out. SS was averagely difficult; math is like -die; english ERP is like WHAT TO SAY NEXT; and anything else was ostensibly forgotten by me in the wake of hurrying off to a family dinner
  4. and thank you to myself for composing this VERY BOLIAO post

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Monday, March 12, 2007 - :

I am posting after what is to me a rather long time...
And yes, I have removed kita from noplay too, kira. :) I decided that I shall not be mean...
And yes, you told Chia that after an overdone analysis of my every word, and he nearly choked when he told me what you said. Yes, I did try not to puke onto the laptop.
I am wasting time elaborating on what kita did, lol. I already did some super long stuff for ERP, which, I feel, is labour enough, and besides I have tuition in half an hour's time ><>
IBN was kinda cool. That black file... The blue notebook, and TWO blue pens... one of which has this string to put round your neck... <3><)
Except THEY STARVED US! Come on, we didn't get to eat until like 12 plus when we all devoured our Twisties xD and some voraciously destroyed their choc-chip-cookies... and we were all debating furiously about how everyone seemed to think that we were "very cute" and "P4"!!!!!!!!!!!
*insulted face* yesh, ppl, they did think that.
kita, i hope your MC for fri paid off.. is your sore throat okk? o.0
literacy class is OK. someone tell Mrs. Lowe to keep her voice monotonous, at least; right now hers keeps going up at the end, like Auntie Judy, except the former's is WORSE. and she's damn fierce. why can't we even TALK?!
and why do i have to be the only girl in my sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK group who only talks about nhoj / SKII ---- with SS in a hot spring spa or something?! *pukes* AND caleb keeps hinting that, what, i am a don'tknowhowmany-timer. uh, let's see, i supposedly have had a "relationship" (to quote caleb) with ahma, chia, jm, jeremy...
*pukes again*
ask him to shut up, pls.

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Friday, March 09, 2007 - :

Darn, now all these people coming in saying how their own blogs are SO MUCH BETTER, so it seems.

Looks darn irritated*

I decided to lower the risk of becoming deaf by not listening to Jo Jo today. Decides that this is probably a feat for me* :)

Discovering the joys of writing a story. But it's coming out average only.

Writing can be difficult. Discovered that too.

Today, miss reiko discovered the following pointers:
  1. IBN lectures make you want to go to IMH. Almost. *just KIDDING*
  2. Writing can be difficult, as pointed out above.
  3. Writing can be fun too, as pointed out above as well. xD
  4. Don't waste your breath on someone who's already being chased by someone whom your best friend refers to as a "bitch".
  5. Don't let him go either. It's not worth it.
  6. Write a list of who to chase. *jkjk* xD
  7. Be good friends with everyone. Every guy, every girl. Of course, exceptions include Spiff, SKII and Ian. I'd be friends but not GOOOOOOD friends. :) just indifferent, that's me. to them.
  8. nothing else. racking my brains but can't think of anything else. aha!
  9. racking your brains is FUNNN <3
  10. so is being lame
  11. and singing on the bus

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- :


-and YES, yongie, you DO owe me a hongbao xD (if you're reading this)
-thank you to the tchrs for bringing us to IBN, except for the chimmmmm parts of it that I really didn't understand... (maybe it was partially cos of the fact that my stomach was obstructing my hearing with its growlings o.o)
-thank you to chia for the gift of twisties xD I gobbled it down the minute we were allowed to touch ONE MORSEL of the delicious miracle called food :))

lol I'm exaggerating again. xP
and yes, leen, thanks to you, the song "I know a song that irritates you" is stuck in my head, probably permanently, and I am horrified to realize that I can't remember the tune of "Hello, hello, hello and how are you"... Bat, you'll probably sing it to me come next Monday or something.

can't wait to go kib's house (considering all the ppl are there), but haven't decided what to wear. Thinking maybe my white top from Korea will do, maybe with jeans or shorts. -my slip-ons or wedges? o.0 Girls like me have different troubles from the rest of the world... WE worry about what to wear. <3

then again, I agonize because my favourite hooped earrings -the goldish ones with a cat hanging from it- made my ears bleed cos of all the twisting around. It kind of gets caught in my hair, but if I tie it up then it's ok. :) Maybe I'll wear them, kita-chan. Just maybe.

may have to take MRT then walk/taxi to kita's house.
so therefore, expect me slightly late, I suppose.

^^ Last time I came ONE HOUR late for JM's house cos I was kinda busy :) and we ended up watching the rest play Halo 2. ><>

this post is really long and rather wuliao+boliao, so I'm going to end off here (and irritate you with more! <3)...

-this is HER story, she wishes it'd END soon-
xD "copyrights from kita-chan accepted and noted, sowwwie"

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Friday, March 02, 2007 - :

ok. got it changed.

-going to get new specs (0-0) today evening cos my degree increased :) love them

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- :

hmmmm. finally managed to get my blogskin back to normal, after stupid me meddled around and tried to change the lyrics to "too little too late" instead....
I still can't get "WORDINGS" to become "HOW I BOUGHT ALL THOSE LIES" >.<
ah well.
-can't believe it, MIY actually liked my book report. xD it was such a rush job. and a not-in-my-niche one at that. but i guess it's better than my P5 one which she deemed "just right for the rubbish bin"!!!!!
ah well, have to do sci. I finished my tuition hw and did some revision on my CL. got a high B. just a few more marks and I would've gotten A, darn.
:( disappointed face*

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