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[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
[2]Mini Toons aquamarine laces for wish no. [1]FULFILLED! ;D
[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
and that's the end of my selfish wishlist

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Sunday, November 18, 2007 - :

meh mich... can't rmbr the last guy in truth or dare either! tot it was benedict loo at first. then rmbred someone got the smart idea of locking him up in e glass-partitioned study (which is like so damn cool XD).

it was caitlin, kibs, mich, me, jeremy, kendrick, ian teoh and... oh damn can't rmbr!! X_X wasn't fluff/ji/bean/ahma cos they all joined late. meh. (risk is so boring. :P or so I think. whatever.) I have this kind of feelng maybe there was never a 4th guy. which means girls outnumbered the guys. bwahahahahaha :D

but the party in total girls were only THREE (from the class so not counting caitlin).

& caitlin thinks mr. suhaimi is a bad tchr. I don't think so! *rebuts* tat sounds gross. but I was referring to the debate thingy. rebuttal or whatever.

ok now it REALLY looks gross.

back to the topic, caitlin if a tchr says he'll change ur class and he doesnt that doesnt mean he's lying! meh >.<

no tag replies here, cy, cos I always reply on moi tagboard itself :D but I suppose on myflashbox it's harder to see when you've got long tags. :D which is why I <3 cbox.

was supposed to watch bee movie with nicki and her brother and her mum today but declined the offer cos it was at 10.30 a.m. and last night I was really really tired.

and thought I could sleep in.

turned out I slept till 8.45. mmpf.


I feel like impulsively inviting all my good friends to TM to shop till we drop and then splurge on neoprints for some random reason. but the problem is tat we will probably squabble over who does the decorating of the pics. D: ah well.

got meself into an ISC game. toodles! XD cancel that out.

Grace blogged at 6:42 PM

- :

k kibs tagged and asked me to post. so I'm posting.

yay genevieve I linked u! :D

listening to nothing in this world while downloading it. XD


so yesterday was kendrick's party. :3 a lot of people didnt come! X_X so sad & it was our so-called farewell party. well we'll see each other one more time this thursday anyway.

so sad. I'm getting nostalgic.

6/11 oh-seven you rock & will forever rmbr u guys! much <3

oh wait. gtg.


but it's the suite life of zack and cody! addicted.

XD bfn!

Grace blogged at 2:25 AM

Saturday, November 10, 2007 - :

post # 121 ^-^
music: temporary sara paxton
I don't believe them the voices in my head. They wanna pull me in but I'm not that desperate yet.


Dinner last night at the Hildan Ark was so cool but Nikki, Natasha, JM and I had to report early like by 5.30 (we didn't do much, though, just walking around taking pictures etc.) and the dinner ended at like ten or so?

Eclairs are <3!

Sadly when Nikki went for seconds there were none left. The VIPs got more eclairs, though, AND the waiters topped up their drinks even before the dinner itself officially started. D:

Then Nicholas (bwahahahaha I'm so evil! jk) went onstage in this red long-sleeved shirt and tie (O_O) to play the piano. Very good leh! :P Esp. 'Breeze' which I didn't know was written by Nicholas himself! O_O again.

Then Zhang He went on stage to play violin but JM, Nikki, Natasha and I needed to go to the back of the hall to put on our -tuxedos??!- blazers. They made us look like hotel managers (frm me) slash people at the airport who check tickets and passports (frm CJ).

VIP played our game but I doubt Dr. Tan really understood that if you don't get the exact number to get to the END stepping stone you need to bounce back steps accordingly. She just smiled and said, Thank you goodbye that kind of thing.

Aw. :3

The P5s dance was kind of cool. But Nikki didn't really like it she kept giving that OHMYGOSHTHISISSO... kind of look. They danced to 'What Time Is It?' and the guys were wearing an unbuttoned shirt and crew-neck top while the girls wore miniskirt and leggings.

Admittedly not many people can dance ANIMATEDLY to that song.


One of the early batches -2002, I think- sang 'Graduation' by Vitamin C -or so I heard- but the microphones weren't really working. Either that or they were singing softly. It was okay from the stanzas we HEARD. D:D

Then the teachers sang 'In the Beginning' (Richard Marx and Donna Lewis)! It's such a nice song. Yay.

Sadly the CD they gave doesn't really work on my computer, I can't play it on QuickTime AND windows media player and it only is detected when I put it on the DVD drive. But still can't play it. Those who can play it pls tell me how!! X_X

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Friday, November 09, 2007 - :

meh 120th post. XD

today I was randomly blog-searching after submitting more collages (gack overwhelming scrabble blog! :D) to Mr. Suhaimi. came across adam's blog and noticed that it was very back-dated. like june holidays or something.


then went to mc's blog link and laughed at the caption.


meh again.

tried to download 'bubbly' today (it's a song not a bath detergent or whatever) to no avail. damnit. if anyone has it GIMME! (more. XD jkjk)

it's so catchy.

but recently hooked to the veronicas. everything i'm not - cry - when it all falls apart


can't wait till the dinner tonight. jiemin, natasha, nicolette and I have to report early -that's all the ppl I know who have to do so. natasha said 5 but then I smsed chenlaoshi and she said nikki and i report at 5.30. hmmms.

not going to tell you what I'm wearing! bwahahahaha. but reading kibs' blog I'm like whoa my outfit is so formal! D: to all people who hate the colour pink for whatever reason... I'm wearing pink. but it's a light pretty pink. bwahahahahaha. not some horrible ghastly pink. but nvm. I'm the game master after all. or one of them.

good evening Dr. Tan and distinguished [extinguished! :P jk] guests!

yesterday wasn't even so formal. p4s from park view and east view came so we played like 4 or 5 rounds with them. the rest were with ex-pupil (haha yay gabriel you actually came! & christel <3 u :D haha) / jiemin and natasha.

yay for class version of THE pond game! jiemin it's THE not A.

bwahahahaha. <3

listened to just the girl by the click 5 after not listening to it for months. and it rocks. :D haha.

wonder who else is wearing a dress 2 teh dinner other than nikki and I? o_O hmms.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - :

I'm so sorry, blog, been neglecting you. Nowadays very busy preparing for GE in SHPS 10th Anniversary (yay! going for dinner on Sat & P1 orientatn on fri! <3 u tchrs and daddy and mummy! :D) esp. just came back from HCMC.

hcmc brief recap
vietnam totally rocks, and I mean it in the wholly sense and not in the like, so, totally bimbotic sense.
would u go there again if u had the chance? why?
like, so, totally! XD now I mean it in the bimbotic sense. but really, I WOULD go there again. cos it's so damn fun. but this time, some amendments:
1. BRING CAMERA CHARGER. *bangs head against table frustratedly* MUST NEVER FORGET IT AGAIN.
2. BUY MORE ADIDAS/NIKE/PUMA/ETC CLOTHES! DON'T WORRY ABOUT SPLURGING! bwahahahahaha. now I have excess VND and nothing to do with it- I miss shopping. D*=


so I shall write down some of the songs I am REALLY into nowadays!
I recently downloaded 'way back into love' by hugh grant & haley bennett (lotsa ppl say it's drew barrymore or whatever but it isn't) but havent listened to it lately.

cos of reasons stated above.

but the songs I rush to are:
say ok vanessa hudgens (don't start on OH, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS SO UGH. this isnt a promotion talk or anything. I'm just saying I like the song)
one in a million miley cyrus (/destiny hope cyrus/hannah montana. take ur pick >.<)
fabulous ashley tisdale taken from HSM2 (ditto)
not like that ashley tisdale (from 'headstrong'! not HSM!)
he said she said ashley tisdale (ditto._.)

have yet to download potential break-up song (Aly & AJ) but my brother has it, needta steal it frm him.

watched stardust yesterday! it really rocks & is my ultimate favourite movie, bypassing ice princess. cos it rocks. mwahahahaha i cant end this cos stardust is so ultimately cool & I'm not caring if u think I'm overreacting or whatever. charlie cox and claire danes are so perfect together in reel life on stardust! really! I love yvaine and the story just really really


ok some parts are scary cos in the cinema they play the movies so damn loud so it startles the guts outta ya but michelle pfeiffer (how do u spell her surname? i know how ta pronounce it but not spell it) makes a very good witch. esp with all the make-up. it's horrifying.

so funny!

and it was minding its own business when it was knocked over by a magical flying moron.

bwahahahahaha. u go, yvaine! <3

ah well ranting. :D toodles! ok whatever -.-

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