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[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
[2]Mini Toons aquamarine laces for wish no. [1]FULFILLED! ;D
[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
and that's the end of my selfish wishlist

Grace, blogskinner ;D
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Thursday, June 28, 2007 - :

jojo's song secret love rocks so much. gonna put it under 'H3R' with hayden panettiere's i still believe. there's no official vid for the former so putting in a fan-created one with lyrics. one of the pictures is a bit funny. around 2:05 there. I think. :s

anyway pls watch it, it's really great- the tune and lyrics. :)

Grace blogged at 3:28 AM

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - :

hey! OPT today! ^^ english this time.

first thing in the morning: prize giving! yay for scrabble, cup category winner. and I left my trophy in my locker by accident. :s

then mrs. simon didn't teach us today cos mich went for the speech competition thingy. yay mich! but she didn't get a prize. yay mich anyway. :}

we got 2 hrs chinese -don't have my compo, dammit- forgot to take and needed to eat- and jinzica, where we gave another group like 150 pts ... great. ><

reread a bit of ring of endless light yet again but got 2 more books, a friend called anne and penelope.

yay ! :D

needta go now. bb.

Grace blogged at 1:36 AM

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 - :

To the beat of myTo the beat of myTo the beat of my heartI'm thinking about,Letting it out.I wanna give in,I wanna go out.But looking aroundI finally found,The rhythm of love,The feeling of sound.It's making a change,The feeling is strange.It's coming right back.Right back in my range.Not worried about anything else,I'm waking upTo the beat of my,To the beat of my,To the beat of my heart.[Chorus:]The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,It tears us apart.The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,Now I'm back to the start.To the beat of my,To the beat of my,To the beat of my heart,I'm up from my down.I turn it around.But making it back,I'm not gonna drown.I'm taking a stance.I won't miss a chance.I want you to seeI'm not scared to dance.The way that you feelCould never be real.I want you to know I finished the deal.So I'm sayin to youI'll always be true.To the rhythm inside,To the beat of my,To the beat of my,To the beat of my heart,[Chorus]Away Away,Away Away,Away Away,Away Away,Away Away,Away Away,To the beat of my,To the beat of my heart,Away Away,Away Away,To the beat of my,To the beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,It tears us apart,The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,The beat of my heart,Now I'm back to the start,[Chorus]Away Away,Away Away,To the beat of my,To the beat of my heart,Away Away,Away Away,To the beat of my,To the beat of my heart.

THAT was complicated liao xiao. meant to be lyrics to hilary duff's beat of my heart. don't read it if you can't decipher it.

Grace blogged at 3:00 AM

- :

today was a typical schoolday.

firstly. new group yesterday. still haven't quite gotten used to it yet.

  1. me (aka marcus, according to Ian Low, who swopped Wiki's and my names)
  2. marcus (aka grace, ditto)
  3. mich! (yay for there being another gal in the group)
  4. benedict (great. who keeps swooning and going, "marcus CHIA is the only GUY who has ever- who has ever *swoons* put his ARMS around ME" with a meaningful, dreamy look irritatingly frequently)
  5. kakeng (who actually isn't that bad, he's nicer than I thought)
  6. . ian low. -.- a) talks too much b) talks too much c) talks too much d) WHEN HE TALKS, SOMETIMES HE HAS BAD BREATH!!!!! there. I let it out. :S

that's all. I think.

had SASMO -one Q I think I got def. wrong liao... :( didn't know how to solve so tikamtikam zuo LCM , not sure if I did it correctly in the first place; but I'm sure the numbers I put in the LCM L thingy weren't correct- and sci supp till 3.30 learning about misconceptions.


that's what Mrs. Teo said, anyway.

did the short story thingys during el; ran this game during PE; chinese did... oh yes. the jinzika thing, and the going-thru-a-ke-ben-that-has-boring-sandcastle-stories-in-it thing.... math, worksheet where I got stuck at Q1 cos I misread the question. mich same plight, tho she realized it much later than I did. :<

bored face~ had COFFEE ROLL :) + MILO for tea. not that you care. andandand... nothing else. yah. :)

ps// madeleine l engle's A RING OF ENDLESS LIGHT rocks. really it does. :)

Grace blogged at 2:46 AM

Thursday, June 21, 2007 - :

back after ages of a non-post-mode. X_X

thanks to nicolette for lending me her MUCH WANTED hilary duff cd (that's the name not the adjective) , got all the songs imported in now! ^^ but listening to vanessa hudgens now.

went to WS and EM today. cut my hair until shoulder length but layered slightly so looks different. :) mum says shorter hair looks younger. hmm. maybe so. my mum got her hair cut shorter too! yay mum! :) got a dark brown marker-ish pen for my sketchy drawings, this pwweddy purple scarf for my hair + belt + scarf (wearing it now XD) and a black diamante clip for the hair pin-ups....

still slaving away at homework. polished off 20 pages of science so far. still got more to go, including english. *ded face*


Grace blogged at 2:36 AM

Sunday, June 17, 2007 - :

yay went to TM/CS again today.

;ate at FISH & CO, the best fish and chips in town_

;went to SAMUEL & KEVIN, saw some nice shirts, bought one for my brother_

;went to BEST, got LCD TV and DVD player_

;went to CD SHOP and got Infernal Affairs + In Pursuit of HAPPYness + The Last King of Scotland_

;went to DMK and got a pair of heels, beige + gold, $27.90_

;went HOME ^^ and blogged.

ps. she recommends hayden panettiere's I STILL BELIEVE ~

Grace blogged at 12:17 AM

Friday, June 15, 2007 - :

Re-read A RING OF ENDLESS LIGHT (madeleine l'engle rocks) today. ADAM + VICKY = <3!>

Watching COME CLEAN by hilary duff now the song is really nice. heard it somewhere before on the radio once and was overjoyed when finally found out it was this song. ^^

Went to TM+CS today and got some stuff. got some beads to replace those that had fallen out on my shirt as well as some suede strings and some more beads for some necklace/bracelet/keychain-making when I'm free. :) Also went to HELEN, got silver+greenbeads hoops and a blu necklace. my mum got pearls -really pwweddy, yes- plus a pair of blu earrings. she says i'm in a green mood today. ^^ just so happened all the nice things i saw were green, that's all. T.T XD

my mum went to metro too and got this pair of black heels with diamante that cost only $9.00, took some time at the cashier 'cos the salesperson there wasn't too sure if it was $9.00 or not due to all the discounts there X_X metro is seriously sad now. moving out, I think- all the things diminishing. :<>

also got sarah's present! *secretive look* not gonna tell you . :D

Grace blogged at 1:12 AM

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - :

youtube vids to check out (sorry no URLs; to lazy to check):

say ok vanessa hudgens
why not hilary duff
anywhere but here hilary duff
I wanna be emma roberts
dummy emma roberts
if I had it my way emma roberts
with love hilary duff
connected sara paxton
island in the sun from "AQUAMARINE" movie

Grace blogged at 8:42 PM

- :

I'm posting just for the sake of posting again, can't find anything to say.

Oh yes.

12 more mindmaps
EL PSLE bklt
... and about 1 1/2 more weeks of e hols! ...

yah that's it. :)

hope you guys n girls like the new blogskin . :)

Grace blogged at 8:34 PM

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - :

there you go- new blogskin! pardon the blurriness of it all. for the tagboard just peer at it! ^^ (gosh I'm promoting myopia. eek.)

Grace blogged at 11:31 PM

- :

this blog would've been considered very ded.

if I hadn't bothered to post!

I am as irritated as mich is, go check out her blog, yesh. it seems that ching ying and I wasted my time at my chalet party on friday the eighth! it wasn't even the thirteenth so no excuse.

I would be lying if I said that nobody was at fault. ok ok went all overboard with the stomp-up-the-stairs (heh nice spiral staircase but still) thing but come on- when you go to someone's party you're supposed to be polite and do what the host(ess) says, right!

aforementioned culprits (still at large) did not eat much, didn't eat what i offered them after that, and didn't do what the game instructions said, dammit.

excuse my language.

lalala cheerful thing is I only have 17/37 mind maps left to do, which is 20 done already. ^^ and yes I still have sci+el bklts left to do, very great and the practice ppr at the back of the maths one.

very great, yesh.


RATING ON ISC is 970++, dammit.

excuse my language.

oh gosh what a downfall. pride goes before a fall, whatever. >w< used to be 1200++.

NOTE TO CHING YING: pls stop ranting on and on about how you won't play on your bluetopaz account and how good your rating is. ahem.

pardon the outburst.

now the mademoiselle needs to take her leave, pls pardon me. adieus!

PS. yes. going to change the blogskin, this one's too . um. ok. to quote leti, "plain". X_X

Grace blogged at 5:54 AM

Sunday, June 03, 2007 - :

calculated our total spread for the scrabble competition. it's a whopping


which is mounds huger than I expected.

*cool! :D

Grace blogged at 10:28 PM

- :

you tube vidds turned out to obscure my posts so there goes the youtube vidds!

but the URLs are still in my posts so check them out if you want to

Grace blogged at 10:27 PM

- :

yay put up new blogskin and it turns out to be nicer than i expected...

have yet to put youtube vidds on.

pls take the friendship test!

and to those who haven't heard...

Saint Hilda's Team ONE rocks because they WON FIRST PLACE in the Scrabble tournament!!!

Whoops for a 5000++ spread in total and for the very heavy trophy and game prize. :D

Grace blogged at 10:19 PM

- :

darn. have to get new blogskin due to irritating template problems. so sorry if you get irritated. and i have to put the youtube stuff back there~. >.<

Grace blogged at 10:01 PM