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Yes, I created this blogskin by myself.
few women admit their age. few men act theirs.



[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
[2]Mini Toons aquamarine laces for wish no. [1]FULFILLED! ;D
[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
and that's the end of my selfish wishlist

Grace, blogskinner ;D
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - :

teh convictions of a belle gal
Always, always, NEVER give up. <3
Sometimes being the Drrrama Queen of everything isn't so bad. <3
Friends matter for everything in the world. <3
Don't leave Saturdays for h/w. It just means Sunday is the actual day; Saturday is "preparation". <3
When you shop, look for cheap, good stuff with your budget in mind. (and then tell me where that shop is. <3

Whee. there's the convictions of moi.

*curtsey. Mademoiselles, adieu!

*flutters eyelids and curtsey. Handsome monsieur, adieu!

*and if you're an irritating ol' parrot like nhoj I won't bother saying goodbye.

PS// peeps, sry. Teh comments tingy don't work. =(

Grace blogged at 2:02 AM

- :

Hello everybody, I've been gone a while, did you miss me??!! *laughs*
I've been transferred (transfered... ?) to a new group. It (should I use this term? fine. Excuse me, peeps) totally sucks, with the exception of Kibbles and cute-cute-de-xy. *lols* But kendwwwick and germ arent that bad. Ian just gives me a chance to brush up on my insulting skills. xD
Well, it irritates me but of course ya get used to everything after a while. Even ennui. But during this short period of time where I still haven't adapted to ultimate boredom, I shall compile a list:
Teh Belle's List Of Top 5 Things Gals Luv Da Most!
  1. Guys! (xD-ish. looks sheepish.) Naah. Just FRIENDS
  2. FAMILY (and not quarelling siblings, PLEEEEASE)
  3. Image. It's the most important thing. Make-up, nail polish, cosmetic/plastic surgery, shopaholic-isim (which ironically I DO suffer or enjoy from), clothes-ism (madness/obsession with clothes, again, I enjoy this), you name it, you've got it.
  4. some gals who agree with Guys in no. 1, would agree that no. 4 would totally be Flirting but naah. I would say minimum ROMANCE. most gals like 'tis.
  5. Hmmm. BEING ON TOP. that's gotta be it. From experience, I've known more gals to be competitive than guys. That's not saying much; I don't know much guys well.
  6. *lolx* you think this. it's out of the box, and out of teh list.

-that's my ennui list done with-

now teh BELLE had better rush off to the ball before P.C. (prince chaaaarrrrming) departs, new bride on arm. (*aargh! lolx*)

I shall b trying to edit the template and do some comment bar thingy but zat may take time-

mademoiselles and handsome monsieur

Grace blogged at 1:47 AM

Friday, January 05, 2007 - :

Hi everyone, I'm back again!
I got Jo Jo's CD today, The High Road, and so far, it rocks. I like "Exceptional", "Too Little Too Late", "Coming For You" and "How to touch a girl". Of course, "Leave (Get Out)" too, but that isn't in the CD.
I know this year is a seriously all-for-studying year cos of the major exams but I'm playing time off and just blogging and going on ISC to chat with friends.
I must stop procrastinating; that must be my New Year's Resolution, only I said that I would be nicer to everyone instead, since I keep saying "Shut Up" to the person next to me. (On my direct left. Understand, peeps?)
Anyhow, I have a weird feeling this year's going to be as good as the last.
Happy New Year, people!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 - :

All right, this is a new blog, and I'm just getting started. I'm hoping to install a tagboard soon, but my current Myflashbox account has faculty problems.

Is that a complicated way of saying I just have problems getting a new tagboard? I don't know why I have this habit of replacing the simple way out with a complicated labryinth, and this is how I mess up many of my Science reports, et cetera.

I have my headphones on (a new worry: too much music directly into the ears via headphones and other similar objects will harm my hearing! Aaargh!) because my brother can't stand listening to Jo Jo's Leave (Get Out) and Too Little Too Late.

My latest favourite singer is Jo Jo. She looks good, sings good, and I think has the package. She starred in Aquamarine or something I think... What was the name of that movie about a mermaid being found by two 12-year-olds or something?

Anyway, I've been trying to get her most recent CD, but I can't find it in most stores here, and in Malaysia, the only store I found which had Jo Jo only had the previous album, and THAT was going for RM 45 ++, around there!

I will be scolded if I miss dinner just to blog this, esp. if it's only one post, so I gotta go soon, I guess... ...

Till later, mademoiselles (and handsome monsieur!). Adieu!

Grace blogged at 3:51 AM