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[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
[2]Mini Toons aquamarine laces for wish no. [1]FULFILLED! ;D
[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
and that's the end of my selfish wishlist

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - :

Deleting a few music vidds and going to put in the "Shakespeare in Love" one. The latter is kind of stupid but the music is really nice. The video's just one picture all the way through -yes, of Naruto -.- and it looks kind of stupid- but if you minimalize the screen and go do something else just listen to the song, it's great.


Grace blogged at 8:23 AM

- :

people- my mum read the environment post and well, from what she said, I make out that she thinks I'm a hypocrite because I consume so much (read: I love shopping :D)

so don't mistake me for some perfect 20/20 environmentalist, okay? :)


Grace blogged at 5:14 AM

- :


Nicolette, my mum and I took the condo. bus out to TM where we watched Shrek 3 and did a considerable amount of shopping. We ate at Yoshinoya (um. Okay, admittedly, I forgot the spelling) for lunch and I got a student's meal (teriyaki chicken smothered with sauce with rice) which I did not finish. >.< Then got some bracelets (3 for 10 dollars, so Nicolette got 1, I got 1 and my mum got 1)... Thanks Mum! :) I got a chunky one with pearl and gold beads, absolutely loved it.

Ate sweet popcorn in the cinema, again couldn't finish (it was a bit bland anyway :[ ) and then did some more shopping @ Ice Lemon Tee, 77th Street, Isetan and Minibits. Got a hairband at Minibits (silver double-banded) and Nicolette got the white sequinned one that I'd originally wanted, haha :D. Sadly couldn't find anything at Ice Lemon Tee or 77th Street and the things at Isetan were too pricey for our budget, which had declined due to our thinning wallets :P just joking, we didn't bring much of our savings in the first place :(

I did some major Science homework, having almost completed my Maths yesterday too, and that equals.. hmm. I think 2 or 3 super-long mind maps. I did more yesterday, but today's more boring. >.<

I cleaned up my [part of the master bed-]room! Hands were dirty a lil' bit cos some parts of my mirror-cum-desk, admittedly, is a bit dusty and stuff. It took me a long time to finish it off but now it looks a lot nicer (read: NEATER! :] ).

More homework, duh, but cousins coming over in the afternoon from Malaysia! :) Can't wait. They're planning to go to Sentosa. I hope I can go along too :} But this means that I can't blog for some time! :{ Ah well.

SCRABBLE COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, to my TEAMONE members -namely Jie Min, John and Marcus Chia- if you're reading this, stop being so pessimistic and disheartened (disheartening included)!!!! Well the degrading adjectives are not applied to the -well- innocent team member(s) but please lah, just because you got disqualified from the 1st competition doesn't mean you have to get all angry and start puncturing how much I look forward to Saturday. I'm your leader, you know! Being a leader isn't easy and there you are being grumpy. >.<>

Now to more pressing issues-
I need to go! ^^

Okay fine that was a waste of time for me to type and you to read, but who cares! Byebye.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007 - :

Mood: "Save the environment. Save money."

My father is trying out our air conditioners, which haven't been in use for years because my mother sneezes when the temperature's too cold. I admit readily that I've never been an environmentalist and probably never will, but come on- even the firmest air-conditioner-addict will succumb to the hair-raising graphs in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", informing us that if we don't move our butts and do something the Earth's gonna crumble and die. It's never too late to do something, especially since we can still enjoy the benefits of mankind's technology and advancement.
Since when has my family used air-conditioners? The gas emitted from them can seriously harm our environment and murder the ozone layer and that's not something I want to see. Even though the worst effects will probably not be screened until I'm well past the decomposing-corpse stage, I still don't want this Earth to become just one burnt used-up mass of a planet. God made this to be beautiful and guess what, in just a short span of some years, we've already destroyed part of it. Oh haha, well done, good job, eh? I just wish someone would do something! Even in my own household, nobody bothers to listen to my save-the-environment-and-stop-using-that-freaking-air-conditioner pleas, let alone bring a fabric bag to NTUC instead of dragging home several wasteful and hand-torturing plastic bags.

Grace blogged at 9:56 PM

- :

going to put yet another vidd onto my OTHERS section: avril's MY HAPPY ENDING. haha watched all the vidds on my blog twice in a row before my tuition teacher came, and decided that i needed more vidds on my blog. :) cy if it can't load just try again, it does on my computer.

hmmm... i guess "i'm with you" shall be put up too!



Grace blogged at 9:50 PM

- :

avril lavigne's complicated vidd is weirdly funny.

tho it's mean when she toppled over that hotdoggo guy! and fishing out a person with his shaky tooth :D



Grace blogged at 1:45 AM

- :

go to for avril lavigne's rather sadistic "GIRLFRIEND" video. going to put it under OTHERS for boliao reasons.

Grace blogged at 1:41 AM

- :

gah this blog is so dead!

this post is going to be boliaoishly short because i'm going to check out other blogs now :)


Grace blogged at 1:26 AM

- :

lovely. the music vidds are up! go check them out, they're under "OTHERS" and after "ARCHIVES".


listening to SO YESTERDAY right now. ok, fine, at least it isn't paris hilton. =3

oh yes on youtube there's a vid of jojo singing "chain of fools" at the grand old age of EIGHT! :) here's the url: it's kind of funny, to see Jojo at age eight singing in front of this crowd of clapping people.

and i have loads of homework left. let's see:

  1. mathpslebklet
  2. englishpslebklet
  3. sciencepslebklt
  4. sciencepslerevision guide --> done heat&light mind maps already! *whoots ^w^

luckily there's nothing else.

but that's still a lot.


ahwell fine.


Grace blogged at 1:03 AM

- :

Here are the music videos that I've been watching on (excluding harry potter puppet pals):

(going to try to put Hilary Duff's So Yesterday as well as Nelly Furtado's All Good Things and Say It Right under OTHERS later)

Say It Right- Nelly Furtado

All Good Things- Nelly Furtado

Jesus Take The Wheel- Carrie Underwood

Over It- Katharine McPhee

So Yesterday- Hilary Duff

Wake Up- Hilary Duff

Going to try to be back with more music vidd URLs but for now- adieu!


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Thursday, May 24, 2007 - :

This is my 58th post, close to my 60th...

And I love this new blogskin.

Do you???



  1. A tile with my name deliciously written in GardenofEden-reminiscent font
  2. A red name card for Mummy! :)
  3. A name necklace for my Cousin :)
  4. A name keychain for another Cousin :)
  5. Henna on my left hand with a pwwettyful flowah! "_"
  6. A SAINT HILDA'S bear with a SAINT HILDA'S shirt for the excruciating price of FIVE DOLLARS! >.<

Yes nothing else to report.


Grace blogged at 3:51 AM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - :

There's a new pretty blogskin!
And a CBOX!
And a new post for once!


My apologies are offered for my weirdness today.

Grace blogged at 3:07 AM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 - :

sorry people haven't been posting for long :s

gonna try to change blogskin

rushes off

Grace blogged at 6:19 AM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - :

Oh no! How evil of me! I didn't post for an alarming nine days! That's 1 aaaand 2/7 weeks! *gashp* Oh no! I'm over-dramatising again! (Maybe I should have just kept my old blogskin.)

YAY! Listening to Here Without You! Yesh, very olde de la...

Another ohno subject: we got our Service Learning dry-run today! And my group dieded. Yesh, people, we dieded! (Oh no, iTunes just switched to LONELY by Akon. So -.-")

Yay the Akon song is OFF. Back to SL, we're trying to meet up at my house on Friday until like 7 or so, but I think Ben + JC + MC can't make it (tentative). (Yes, John, the reader KNOWS what TENTATIVE means.) And John doesn't want to come to my house cos he prefers going to his house @....


*falls off chair and dies


Grace blogged at 11:48 PM

Monday, May 07, 2007 - :

CURRENT OBSESSION:'sQuizes=Mememememe!
CURRENT NOTE: Yes, Kira... A beauty IQ of 50 is meant to be low... But who am I to say that- I got 40++! <3
CURRENT...SAYINGS?: that you should imagine something smart... incisive... bleh. OK. I shall copynpaste my ISC profile in:
1) Imagine something smart, incisive and beautiful (word-wise) here
2) Not something lame and cliched, not something sweet and wonderfully romantic
3) Just something smart, incisive and beautiful (word-wise)
4) Like me
:D lol that was so wonderfully egoistic
Now since I have run out of something, anything, to write (oh my gosh, what a crime! 0.0) I shall just end this post off.
Thank you for wasting your time.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007 - :

Currently notes: I've been around on people's blogs and I've noticed that I can't access Leen's and Leti's blogs. Yeah, whatever.
Currently listenin: to Katharine McPhee's album playing over and over again, esp "Over It", "Everywhere I Go", "Neglected" and "Ordinary World"
Currently readin: Louis Sachar's "Sixth Grade Secrets", which JM thinks is sick just because he read ONE WORD of it when he was passing by, I think it was the word "kiss" -.-
Currently: blogging (well, duh)

Most recently visited: Mich's blog
Most liked: my toy dog. ^^
Most anticipated: Spiderman3!!!!!!! I'm going to see it after my exams, hope I get to go to Suntec leh :D
Most excited about: Friday, when all exams are over (temporarily, that is. >.<) and 26th when the JUNE HOLIDAYS START!!!!!! <3

Colour of the moment: blue, lilac, silver and gold
Feeling of the moment: rush! finish off Sci (last 3-4 questions) and finish this game I'm in :)

Adieu of the moment: the good ol goodbye

Grace blogged at 12:54 AM

Friday, May 04, 2007 - :

I decided, upon reading Mich's post, to post my compo plot here. (And yes, I haven't eaten.)


-Wants bike- very very expensive one at that

-Birthday starts out very nicely: woken up to the voices of HAPPY BIRTHDAY song and parents woke up early to cook your favourite breakfast

-Turns around: in comparison, got a small little package

-Mum urges me to open ; I open it like a slow-motion film with the ribbons falling, the package opening, and the revealing of an adidas jacket

-"I wanted a BIKE." *steely voice

-Mum is heartbroken and runs out room

-DAD: "That cost money, you know! We aren't filthy rich!" *runs out

-Brothers: *stare, aghast*

-Routinely ignores parents whenever i remember the present

-Neglects present; stuffs it right at the back and bottom of the drawer

-*present-day* reads article about poor african children, orphans (no racism intended, was inspired by american idol which was promoting donating to help african orphans or something) not having enough money to buy clothes, let alone jackets

-takes out jacket. wears it. *feels remorseful

-tells mum: "LOOK WHAT I'M WEARING"

-mum: *tears spill "I thought you hated it. why wear something you hate?"

-apologizes, hugs mum, tells her, MUM, I LOVE YOU! :)))

-Mum: "thank you. i needed to hear that... y-y-you look wonderful in the jacket."

-never forget incident, love jacket, never break parents' heart ever again


i wonder why mothers are usually involved in these kinds of stories and never the fathers?? (well, maybe for girls)

Grace blogged at 10:41 PM

- :

Ok. I changed my blogskin and it's absolutely wonderful, esp. since my favourite season is WINTER!

Today we had science supp. for 4 solid hours (well, can't be liquid or gas, can it) in school in the 4/11 classroom. During our 30-min break somewhere at 10.20 or so, I only got 1/4 of my chocolate biscuits, since the rest were all snapped up by some evil people (just joking), so my stomach is growling now. As soon as I finish this, I'm off to devour my LUNCH! :D

I played against a 900+ rating person called vividlivin on ISC and I lost by 29 points, which is good because my rating is like more than 100 lower than hers/his. I got a bingo -DINGIES on the DW- but he/she still won anyway. Judging from the name, I guess it's a she, somehow, but never mind.

And no pun was intended there.

Oh. Needta link a lot of people now.

-bb! ^^ (not boy's brigade. that means byebye. yes, wth. whatever.)

Grace blogged at 10:30 PM

- :

aw I haven't been posting in AGES!

^^ Today the EL exam, I guess I'm proud of myself for writing 4 and 2/3 sides with relatively SMALL handwriting. Last time, I wrote 6 sides and Jeremy was like what the ***, but the aforementioned composition was with rather large handwriting.

^^Today chenlaushi didn't come. =( Mrs. Simon swopped her period with Mrs. Teo so we got Sci supp and EL lessons.

^^Yesterday, I kind of messed up my CL compo.

^^I decided that I will probably go blogskin-hunting again. IF I can find something satisfyingly satisfying that is better than this one. (DRAMA QUEEN! =>)

^^I guess there isn't much to say.

^^Oh yes. GENDER BIAS! Yes, Leen, you kind of sparked off that one! Yes, I kind of like the topic of gender bias, even tho when it comes to certain aspects of it females are the ones being stereotyped/discriminated against. I mean, who ever said men have to be the breadwinners?? And women have to be BORING OLD (desperate) HOUSEWIVES?? And single women are the kind you see on love websites, with a picture of Tyra Banks on their display and a plea, "PLEASE MARRY ME"??

^^ Also. Not all athletes are male. (Although at present, I cant name a female one. Proves how -well- contradictory I am. Or is the word hypocritical? Nah.)

^^ And it seems like (this is bias not GENDER bias) only slim bamboo-stick-resembling people whose hair is super silky and whose complexion looks like what you hope to get on your mirror get all the fame and fortune in the world! I wonder how the show Ugly Betty came about- did the directors finally realize that it doesn't take a Nicole Ritchie or maybe Tom Cruise (name someone famous there, Tom Cruise is just an example) to make a slightly more ... realistic show? Ugly Betty, from what I've seen, shows that maybe you don't have to fulfill the aforementioned criteria to make it big on the screen of entertainment.

^^ There, I've said my smart incisive bit.


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