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[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
[2]Mini Toons aquamarine laces for wish no. [1]FULFILLED! ;D
[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
and that's the end of my selfish wishlist

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Friday, April 27, 2007 - :

TODAY IS DE: check above ^,^ (I'm too lazy to type it out =3)
MY MOOD IS: rather chirpy, looking forward to homemade piZZa tonight! :)
I'M LISTENING TO: "Me against the world".... Simple Plan! :D
MY FRIENDS ARE: check the links. some are not there.
MY FAVE COLOUR IS DE: blueblueblue! esp. baby blue, royal blue and electric blue
I THINK THIS POST IS: weird? I felt random today.
I AM: wonderful!
I AM DOING: ISC match with 738-rated guy, and winning! currently 202-134. blogging multi-task, plus MSN and iTunes!
I AM READIN DE FAB BOOK CALLED: "Pride & Prejudice" by Jane Austen, unabridged... currently page 200+ something, close to the end by like 20+ pages... If anyone's interested in borrowing tell me, before I return it to Mrs. Simon! *reminderREMINDER*
I THINK THAT YOU: are my friend/ are irritating (depends on who you are! o.o)/ should click the lil red 'X' at the top of the screen and/or go to some other more interesting place like France (obsession. darn.)
NOW YOU SHOULD: do as I said above. adieu!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007 - :

Ok. Today was the oral, and I didn't die!
In fact, re1k0-chAn was the only one (probably, according to nhoj) who thought the chinese was easy.
(Oh, I stumbled a bit on the reading and forgot what something was called, but other than that I ROCK! <3)
English was okay, at the end Mrs. Teo said slowly, "Very good... now help me call James..." and I did. I think Jeremy was totally wishing that I was going to take a long time, but I didn't--- IN YOUR FACE! :D lol that sounds like worm.
Got CL compo. back today, don't mean to sound bratty or anything but whoohoo! 36 marks! :)
okay back to normal font size. ^___^ but I misread the compo and read aloud that i'd never remember the incident instead of i'll never forg3t it, thus causing an uproar in the class. even chenlaushi laughed. <3
i doubt there's anything else.
denbiebie, people! :D
[theREIKOsheROCKS {no pun intended}]

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - :

**HOMEWORK COUNT**: memorise that hui hua thingy for smoking and whatever-the-4th-para is. SS PF! diediemustdo. english persuasive speech thing by friday (heng ah). ERP (due when?) only one page/ 2 sides at max.
``LISTENING TO``: alicia key's If I Ain't Got You
##GAN.QING.feelings!##: um, surprisingly egoistic XD for being such a great queen (I TOLD YOU SO! :D)
hmmmm. Today not much highlights! Oh yes. Mrs. Teo, Mr. Ang and Mrs Amanda Tan didn't come today. =( NO SCIENCE, NO MATHS, NO PE!!!! =___( somehow that seems boring, with only two lessons, aka english and chinese. >.<>
heard "you say it best when you say nothing at all" on the radio today. (whatever the title. the song rocks<3)>
English today, handed up our revision ONE, can't wait to get the results back! >.<>

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Monday, April 23, 2007 - :

OK. I got myself a new blogskin on Sunday, while I was taking a break after doing my homework. And it rocks- it fits the Queen perfectly! <3>.>)
I asked Mrs. Audrey Teo today if (touch wood!) teamTWO didn't get into the competition finals, could I go to teamONE? (They all seemed willing to kick tasha out. I doubt she agrees to it- being the captain, her vote would probably pass off as final. But I'm a captain too! XD)
She (Mrs. Teo) said no. Sadly. I think tasha is secretly rejoicing somewhere that she gets to keep her team, and I think maybe I'm not as sad as I should be, considering that my teamTWO members kinda rock. There's leti, whom I sat next to and got a pretty okay-ish score, albeit the lowest in our team; there's sawwwarrr, whom I sat next to in the bus <3 (that took ages to get back) and had to wear her GB uni to the comp.; and there's kibs (!). No comments on that one.
Today some teachers were absent. Mr. Ang (aaah!no more NETS. sadly I don't really like nets that much), Mrs. Simon (nooo! no more English! *cries*), and Mrs. Teo (the latter being absent for only half a day or something. we still had science- CROSSWORDS! <3). We got Bailaushi to take over our lesson and we had half an hour of free period followed by aforementioned Mrs. Audrey Teo who didn't allow us to do anything that wasn't school-related. =_(
*oh no. homework count: 2 more crosswords, 2 more notes, zuoye 3.3 pgs 57-63 or something, aaand.... I think that's all. oh yeah, the kaocha gaizheng, all that we've gone thru so far, at least. *

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Saturday, April 21, 2007 - :

I love my team. _shps team twwo is the team to look out for!_ (and team one as well cos they've got mc and jm and ahma inside but nat as well <3)
Here are the wonderful SCORES for the team captain:
(eh I only recorded my own so... here they are :D)
vs David frm Bukit Timah Pri. Sch. (team TWO)
483-125, positive 358 spread! :)
vs Samuel frm Pei Chun Pri. Sch. (team TWO)
477-133, positive 344 spread! :)
vs Kishan frm New Town Pri. Sch. (team ONE)
457-82, positive 375 spread! :)
Yay I'm so ego. I actually calculated my total spread! And it's a positive 1077 spread in total! *ego smile* and my wonderful team's total spread is 2989. positively! XD
(then again team ONE got higher. but who cares, for a group that nearly lost the WHOLE competition last year, we rule. and we won 15-0, aka all the games in all the rounds! <33)

sorry if to you i sound like some weird egoistic brat but that's the way life is, that's the way i am, and that's the way the competition was XP

ok. So this thing was @ Clementi Woods Secondary School, which I've never heard of, and then we get started off with a speech -very short de la- by the principal, who claims that despite being a very new school Clementi Woods Sec. has 30 years of history! Isn't that a MYSTERY, I so agree, principal... (tat's what she said. IT'S A MYSTERY.)

And anyway so we start, with me worrying and then blahblahblah, and during game two reiko gets this p4 opponent who has no idea about certain rules and gets moi all irritated. >.>

and on the bus trip back we got extra time cos the driver went the wrong way or something -aiyoh- and then the guys + nat all insulted the malay language by saying weird stuff in malay like how nhoj likes milk -NHOJ SAYANG SUSU. lol <3.->

gross but funny. :D

conclusion of the day:

re1k0's happy. <3
(and this font col. is hard to read on a white background. T.T)

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Thursday, April 19, 2007 - :

gosh bean did you HAVE to get me all irritated with that webcam vidd of chia & nhoj??? nhoj is so darn unphotogenic! and i almost PUKKKKED. ><

and i edited my previous post. i do not like chia. ok? happy?

and i UNBLOCKED (cant believe it) bean bcoz gwwace is such a kind forgiving soul. AS IF.

Grace blogged at 2:06 AM

- :

42nd post!


The people I thanked are not those that I am hopelessly in love with or whatever.

There is only one person I'm hopelessly in love with, and that's myself, I declare officially.

So if you wanna make any wisecracks, make it somewhere else to yourself.

Thank you.

And sorry Mich for using your post as an example, but BENEDICT JUST BECAUSE MICH THANKED ELISHAH DOES IT MEAN SHE LOVES HIM? No, so just shut up, Benedict. I do NOT love Marcus Chia. So THERE. <3>

-GRACE <3>

Grace blogged at 1:53 AM

- :

It seems like everyone is posting on their blogs what they assume to be emo stuff.

And I am too. ^,^

I agree with Mich (luvv to you too! <3)>
  • MICH (since I already mentioned this). Your method's working perfectly.
  • NIKKI (although I'm sorry to say sometimes your own method of cheering people up didn't exactly work on me)
  • HARU (because you RULE at cheering me up in the morning! :)
  • And I never expected this, but I have to say MARCUS (chia) because that's the only guy who ever said the words, "r u ok". and bean, i am not in love with him. the bold words were EDITED.
    1. I'm sorry, Kira, that you're not on this list and if you wanna stop being friends then fine. I can hold out on my own with other friends. But seriously I don't think anyone feels better with an, "Awwww, what's wrong?" after listening to a friendly flow of supposedly useless banter for like 1-2-3 minutes while you're dejected.

      And Kita... just read the previous post.

      I'm sorry to Ian, James and Ka Keng -Ka Keng and James especially because I realized that you never really did anything wrong- but for Ian, I'll try to stop ridiculing you and stuff, but maybe you could try being a little nicer and more well-behaved too. It's not easy to control your temper when a group member forgets to bring something all the time, you know. Or just blows up at you.

      But thanks for saying hi sometimes and not a bloody (as in bloodshot) glare like you used to. :)

      I must control my temper. And that's not my only conclusion. I think this class-wide blog postings revolves around Mrs. Simon's topic of BIAS.

      Grace blogged at 1:20 AM

      - :

      This is my 40th post, but I'm not going to commemorate it by celebrating raucously or anything. I'm going to be sad -real sad, regretful, et cetera- because that's how I feel. And I'm going to reflect on my life, and not try not to hide anything (that's not TOO secretive. Like maybe who I really really like. But who CARES. <3).

      I would like you to go to Haru's blog, and read what she calls an angst post... But I find it a story that could be literature, honestly, Haru. I have taken it to heart and I have decided to say sorry for not being there for you when you needed a friend (even if you didn't need one, sometimes I wasn't there at all) and for not understanding.

      I realized that you were my first friend in the GEP. I sat next to you on the first day of school, remember? And honestly at first I didn't know how important that was. But Haru, just tell me if you think I'm not being a good friend and I'll try to be one.

      I'm sorry to hear that I was one of the "good" people that abandoned you. Sometimes I feel that I need to move on and make more friends or maybe I just didn't know you well enough. Too true, till this day I don't even know your favourite colour, Haru! =__(

      But this post isn't going to be all apologize-ish, because there are some people not involved in this.

      So I'm going to say what I think about the GEP.

      Coming into the GEP has been both a blessing and a curse for me. A blessing, because I met some really nice people like the aforementioned Haru, Kira and Nikki, etc., and I also built up my confidence and self-esteem. Trust me. If you could have seen the quiet chrysalis (well, I wasn't one, but I was practically hidden in one) I was when I was young you wouldn't have recognized me. And I used to compare myself with popular, prettier girls but now I've stopped because I learnt my lesson that not all popular, pretty girls are pretty on the inside.

      That's the curse.

      It's like apples. A pretty apple can have half a worm inside (no offence, JC!) or even one complete one (I think the former's worse, tho), and they're never completely what you think they are. I met some people whom I thought were my good honest friends, but to them ridiculing and hurting other people before saying just sorry is chicken feet (no pun intended) or something. Like it doesn't matter.

      Kita, I doubt you even know how it feels to have who you thought was a friend to go around having what you don't have like being popular, having loads of friends and going to everyone's house (well, almost) and stuff. To me you're like the apple I said, but of course the inside has Medusa's head in it.

      A REAL CAN OF WORMS, as Mrs. Simon pointed out.

      And I never thought in GEP I would experience all this -nice friends, ROTTEN APPLES and maybe even losing my self-esteem sometimes. I thought GEP would be a window to becoming loads smarter and going to a top school like my brother did. Seriously. But GEP ain't as simple as that.

      And if you think this post is a whole lot of crap I can tell you that everything, seriously EVERYTHING in it...

      Was true.

      Grace blogged at 1:01 AM

      Monday, April 16, 2007 - :

      Stupid me! I had to delete that post.
      Anyway brief summary:: basically how stupid these themes of love are, considering they're all empty dreams and none of us have had anything but infatuations. :))

      Today was good. Got highest in EL again! Sad lah, won Kira by a few marks. Yours truly got 50.5 which is SAD because last time I got 51 (it's a bleak difference but still a difference). OK, deproved by... (In TOTAL) itsh 1.5 marks. and there's no such thing as deproved! <33

      Math ok-ok lah. Lost to: NICOLETTE. BEAN. MC. IAN LOW (!!! by few marks only bleh). probably LOTSH MORE PPL.

      Note: go and search for NRICH. some games are fun, you'll never know. :D

      adieus from GRACE (+kelly. ^,^)

      Grace blogged at 3:15 AM

      - :

      OK, I changed my blogskin (yes, again!) and it's about...
      Surprise surprise.
      Ah well couldn't find anything better tho I'll still be searching (mebbe another JoJo one? XD) while listening to Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You, which has gotten me hooked after Leave (Get Out), My Prerogative, Here without You, Because of You, etc etc.
      Anyways still haven't changed the template COMPLETELY. Am going bai-fang-ing after this to other bloggies. <3>
      LUVV FROM ~~ Grace :)

      Grace blogged at 2:52 AM

      Friday, April 13, 2007 - :

      MOOD: happy tralalalala singing (of course I'm not doing that)
      LISTENING TO: nothing but mentally it's trisha yearwood <33
      FEELING: up to doing homework but takes 5 more minutes bloggin, yah

      OK today the Re1k0 is going to beAn's house to d0 my ss, which rocks because actually i got a pretty nice group. <3>

      but we're gonna D1E in our presentati0n because i think if we compile it into a write-up or something it ain't gonna be long.. and th3 guys, hop3f00ly, will not f00l around and play soccer/scrabble/talk boliao stuff all day long ^,^

      anyway if any grp member of m1ne is reading this den no offence lah just saying we'd better J1AY0U for our pr0ject. >.>

      finished sci blueprint, surprisingly wasn't hard, did on a 1:2 scale (lol like copying mrs. teo's one on the board but it's diff), except for the pulley thing i did to get t3h marble 2 the top is a bit hard... i racked my bra1ns (yes, i have brains! haix) for de ans and luckily my bra1ns managed to find it out. <33

      and practically only dat
      but sowwy mich n sarah t00 lazy to put your blogs on my linkkks section o__o

      G00D LUCK T0 ALL PPL GOING FOR DA SCRABBLE COMP. NEXT SAT!!! (i hope i'll win all 3 matches. nvr happened before. ;______;)
      anyway for those ppl whom i HAVEN'T told yet, my new ISC account is ZPR and she's PR0 (as if)... still using WOTSUP but ZNTH is on the run from my com and havent seen HER lately... T.T

      nothing else much boliao to say ~~ re1k0

      Grace blogged at 8:46 PM

      Wednesday, April 11, 2007 - :

      Today was our sad farewell "party" (no food.;_;) for Mr. Andrew, Mr. Stephen and Mr. Grant from Nueva. I gave Mr. Andrew the card for all the teachers. We took several pictures together and in the All-Girl's photograph, Mr. Andrew said to shout "Down with boys!" He had the boys to shout "Down with boys!" too, although I can't see why they didn't say down with girls.
      Leen and I had the whole 6/11 to autograph Leen's PE shirt (with no nametag, of course) and I wrote, "THANK YOU FROM SHPS" on the top in black marker. Mr. Stephen kinda liked it. And of course the cause celebre of the moment was when Mr. Andrew tucked my old skirt (size 30, mine now is 32 liao) into his belt thingy or something and posed for a picture with all of us laughing like xiao.
      Of course Leen wanted to ask Mr. Stephen to pose with the Naruto headband since "he looks like Naruto" but everyone all crowded around, wanting to know where Leen had gotten the headband so poor Mr. Stephen had no idea what Leen was saying. I told him what she said and he was like, "Oh, sure!" and everyone was so happy when Mr. Ang took that shot of him in the Naruto headband.
      And of course that last everyone-together-shot, with Mr. Andrew and Mr. Stephen right in front lying on the floor like some kind of model, and since I was behind Mr. Andrew I didn't see Mr. Stephen's 'fate'. Mr. Andrew's was to have about 3 bunny ears and a snake's tongue lolling right on top of his wet hair (it LOOKED wet). And when he looked up he was very surprised, which Isaac (or whoever was holding the snake) took to be a cue to lower the snake (plush one, of course, from Ikea).

      Grace blogged at 4:03 AM

      Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - :

      Hi everyone. Today rocked: I got a new buddy from Nueva Sch., called ABIGAIL :), and she has the same hobbies and same fav. colour as me! <333.>
      I suddenly realized how special our school and Singapore is, when I was leading Abigail and her mum, Reverend Elizabeth, on a tour around the school. I mean, I suddenly felt good that I could recite the aims of ASEAN and how it helps, and all about Singapore's wonderful history! And our school, actually, is rather nice. The Oasis actually has air-conditioning (I've been to libraries whose air conditioning is rather warm) and it's larger than my previous school's.
      ps// Here's a complicated (chim) sentence from me:
      I recently discovered my profoundly fundamental happiness because of my profound and fundamental lack of happiness.

      It plays with the many different meanings of FUNDAMENTAL, see .

      Grace blogged at 4:22 AM

      Friday, April 06, 2007 - :

      Lol just visited haru's (leen's) new blogg. The bloggskin's kinda cool but a lot of Japanese (ah expected lah) and that's not meant to be offence.
      I see that kira is being a little temperamental in her post. She saysh that I should talk about myself (doesn't she know that I do that all the time due to my enlarged ego?? haix) all bcoz I said she was now JoJo-crazy, and I still stick to tat cos now she luvvs JoJo's Leave (Get Out) and has seen more videos on her songs than I have.
      (lol that darn was just there for the funn of it so don't go off about using rather censored words.)
      Anyway I couldn't very well view How to touch a Girl or Leave (Get Out) bcoz of Yahoo's lousy vid quality and everything was so blurry and kept stopping to buffer up before coughing up again. >.< *irritated reiko*
      and no, kira, nikki's not my best friend. I already explained to you countless times why I sit with her and tat's coz haru, whom nikki would go to if I said no, sits with leti, and if I sat with u then nikki has to sit with xy, or else she'd get stuck with some irritating *** (there, insert insult of choice). and I don't think that nikki skips around the canteen gaily (gayly) with xy either, kira. (actually, that comment was aimed at IT. remiscent of the good ol days, IT? -and maybe SKII as well. hmmms.)
      (forget the crappy, xy and nikki, if you see this. it's just an adjective. no offence injected.)
      and I absolutely agree with kira and haru about the nueva tchr's lessons! THEY ROCK xD. and yah, I kinda engaged in a PERSONAL DEBATE (thx for the luvvly term, mich; note the sarcasm) with chia about contradicting himself.
      ehh I dunno if I heard him wrongly but I thinks that reiko got put down. but anyway i put up an excellant fight l8r against other people ^_^ sorry ppl for the ego-ism but I can't help it :DD
      the tchrs are so nice. I wonder if some ppils from SHPS could actually be sent over for some kinda exchange program, like nats gets to do??? o.0 hopefully possible~~

      Grace blogged at 9:16 PM

      Wednesday, April 04, 2007 - :

      ok. tat font n size worked!! XD good
      anyway i was planning to look thru da blogskins cos there's bound to be a better one but for now probably stick to the same ol, same ol ((:
      -so my adieu passes on the wind~~

      Grace blogged at 3:45 AM

      - :

      hellos again~~
      much better mood
      finished sci, el... gotta work on math next... and did a lil research for da speech liao. :)
      decided to use diff font
      sorry peeps the last one was hard to read
      so i hope this one's better if not i change blogskin liao >.<

      Grace blogged at 3:43 AM

      - :

      MOOD: very very very irritated >.>
      LISTENING TO: nil, but some song I heard on the radio is playing in my head
      I just read kib's posts (see MOOD). She is so darn critical of every single thing every single human being does, it is like some sort of paparazzi critic. (Sorry, people, I'm being slightly hypocritical in writing this, but it's my thoughts.) Like criticizing my blogskin when her own is so darn...weird??? Sorry for the repetitive 'darn's in this but there's no other apparent way to emphasize why I am so mad with kibs. It's like ta mei you 'san si er hou xing' de xing ge. >.> Sorry if you don't get the point across, but it's like Chinese is so very important in explaining kib's character. (as if.)
      And anyway, thanks to the FRIENDS (notice the emphasis, kibs) who complimented me on my blogskin, which I myself luvv (^-^ ego) because of the word GRACE (jkjk lah). I know the font is kinda small but gonna try enlarging it, if not, sorry just strain a little okay?

      -math wb (-.- not looking forward to it)
      -science w/s (INTERESTED! mildly. cos of all the art involved. Hey, I wonder if I can personalize my 'planes'... ^_0)
      -eh...SS PF, which is currently half-done
      -Science rollercoaster thingy, which I am glad I'm doing by myself so I don't have to pair up with any so-called 'unwanted' partners, jkjk. It's easier to do work by yourself so you can work at your own pace, but then again if it's a hard topic then D-I-E. lols.
      -Public Speaking Course speech preparation! I'm onto it, ppl- already doing research and beginning PPT. Of course I have to prepare a back-up speech in case the com crashes (which I hope it doesn't cos PPTs kinda bring the point across better then boring ol speeches).
      -do not kill kibs for her character, that's the way she is and just ignore it
      -do not imitate her either and call leen (or anyone else) a b****
      -do not... eh. ok. DO be HAPPY ^-^ (somehow that looks gay) and CHEER UP :))
      (ok. I enlarged the font. Leti kindly taggg if it's ok! <3)

      Grace blogged at 1:14 AM