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[1]Surfer's Paradise white plain high-top sneakersFULFILLED! ;D
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[3]Troubling A Star by Madeleine L' Engle.
[4]More dresses and skirts.
[a]Nancy DrewFULFILLED!
[b]Stardust, Enchanted (both not out yet)
[c]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[d]A Cinderella Story
[e]Agent Cody Banks
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008 - :

thinking of changing my blogskin to another one I made, but too lazy to make the changes right now XD

berate me, people. I went off for a very long call with nicolette (my throat is so dry, I'm drinking an ice coke now) and when I came back, dared to resume listening to DON'T CHA. "don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like ME"


ok. first query. HOW WAS YOUR FIRST DAY.

My first day was great, thanks! ok. wake up 5.20, get ready and go downstairs by 5.40+, bus supposed to come at 5.50 but came at 5.48 (small diff.), mostly went around pasir ris-tampines-simei, then went off to nanyang and got there around 6.50 or so. no jam, only a very very very small one at the U-turn from HCI to NYGH.

we had the morning flag-raising in chinese. like all the STAND AT EASE, STAND AT ATTENTION all in Chinese, so since I couldn't really hear what was being said I just followed what the seniors were doing, LOL. then we had the school song. in chinese. first impression was that I'd never be able to sing it and it sounded operaish.

then later we went to the audi for some talks and to learn the school song and with the lyrics in front of you, it isn't that bad; I learnt how to sing it (it's high-pitched and very feminine so if a guy sings it in the midst of all those gals it's damn obvious) and it's not so operaish anymore, it's very nice. and not just in a school-proud way, in an aestatic (is that what you call it?) way too, it's very beautiful.

and then went back to class, interaction with our FT (who is mrs. wong-tan poh yee and she looks a bit like xiang yun or whatever that I Not Stupid channel 8 actress's name is, sry; and she is rly like chen lao shi and very nice except she's married and has 2 kids - both daughters XDXD) and our PSLS, and then recess from 10.30 to 11. ate a waffle. rly nice. :D

then went back up... psl session... played icebreaker games. we only played 1 with our FT, this time we played 2 (splat and mingle, both are rly fun, mingle is funnier), and then we had a school tour with our PSLs. the schl seems ginormous after shps (which of course is to be expected) and I COULD get lost. there are like 3 audi.s? the siew may one where the selection test was and then two smaller ones: one used during open house (the bigger of the smaller ones) and the smaller of the smaller ones I hadn't used before. it looks almost the same, except instead of a platform at the bottom there's this long table and several chairs. for the tchrs, I guess.

ok this guy just walked downstairs singing. he sounds funny. rly funny. rofl.


had lunch. unlike rgs, our lunch is 1 hour long, lol. rgs is half an hour. dhs? not so sure. X_X anyway ours is- oh gosh forgot what time lunch is, lol. ate char siew rice. lots of char siew, medium amount of rice. ok standard. then we had another 2 talks I think, then learnt school song (the whole thing) and then sang it formally for the first time with music accompaniment (first times singing it was accapella, however you spell that) and WE WERE DISMISSED :D

I met two new friends today from concord primary. FIONA and JUN HUI! <3 Must link you guys after this.

ok that's all for now I think. just tag me, kay? AND TELL ME HOW YOUR FIRST DAYS WERE! ;D

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